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My husband and I hired Immaculata Films to RECORD our son's and daughter-in-law's wedding and reception.  We were so very pleased with the exceptional work that they produced of their wedding day. Not only did they produce a clear and beautiful video that our whole family will enjoy for years to come, but they also added some special touches such as the memorable personal interviews with family and friends.  And they did it all in a very respectful and courteous manner. I am so grateful to Immaculata Films and the team, and I would recommend them to anyone.  


Immaculata Films did an amazing job capturing our wedding day on film! It is such a blessing to have the priceless moments of our day saved in such a way that we can look back on them whenever we want to walk down memory lane. Our day was an absolute dream from the moment it began until it ended. I am so pleased with the quality of what I have seen and can't wait to see more!

Genevieve (Bride)


Immaculata Films did such a wonderful job with our wedding day! From my beautiful bride getting ready to the two of us walking down the aisle and beyond. We are so very thankful that these special moments will live on in more than just our memories!

Jacob (Groom)

Thank you to Immaculata Films for lovingly weaving together a tangible memory of our wedding day. From dresses, suits, and photos to vows, greetings, and celebration… the so often given advice to ‘pause and take it all in’ is impossible on your wedding day! After watching the video that they captured, we realized that we would have missed so many special moments if
Immaculata Films hadn’t been there for us. We are able to watch our bridal party’s faces as we
exchange vows, relive our first dance, and celebrate all over again with family and friends at the reception. Immaculata Films captured heartfelt words and feelings that would have otherwise
been forgotten with time.
They are an encouraging, professional crew rooted in God’s love, and it was a joy to work with them. Our wedding day was the first ‘dot’ on our timeline together as a married couple, and we cannot put into words how thankful we are to be able to relive that special day. Thank you, Immaculata Films!
Much Love & God Bless,

Emilie and Trevor

Encouraging Future Brides and Grooms....
I have heard, and said it myself, that having a Wedding Videographer could be a hassle or intrusive during such an important and busy day! That could not be farther from the truth with Immaculata Films! They are extremely Thoughtful, Caring, and Professional! They capture Priceless moments and thoughts during these blessed events that are Irreplaceable!
The reward is not only the first time you view the video but especially in years to come, as you relive the beauty and emotions of the day. I Guarantee there won't be a dry eye in the house!!! I Highly recommend Immaculata Films!

Howard J. (Father of the Bride)

We are Extremely Grateful to have had Immaculata Films at (not only one but) two of our daughters' weddings! The They are truly gifted in videography and create a most beautiful keepsake film! I sincerely feel that they cherish these special days as much as we do, and we are so blessed to have had them capture all the precious memories and emotions of the entire Wedding Day! God Bless Immaculata Films!!! Thank You!

Patty J. ( Mother of the Bride)

We cannot express our gratitude for the "forever memory" that you created of our wedding day. I (Emilie) cried so many times watching our wedding memories... we love you! I hope we will be able to send more couples your way for wedding videos. We will share our wedding video with all of our family and friends (and engaged friends!)
God bless.
Emilie & Trevor

My senior year in High School I performed in the Madrigal Dinner. This event was
captured by Immaculata Films. After seeing the video of this event, I was brought tears. Simply put, they did an amazing job. Immaculata Films perfectly captured this event from multiple angles, using impactful editing, and they even included emotional behind the scenes extras. I will be forever thankful
for the time and effort Immaculata Films put into capturing this important event for me and my fellow
performers so that we will have this cherished moment to look back on with fond memories for years to come.
Thank You,

Samantha Rose

Immaculata Films is top-notch! They produced a sports profile video for my 16-year-old son who plays
competitive travel hockey. Everything from their professional equipment and crew to their production
quality and editing is high-end and detail oriented. I am so glad we chose Immaculata Films to showcase my son’s skills as an athlete and competitor. I have no doubt this will help advance his pursuits and dreams in his chosen sport.

Andy O.

The Photos and Videos were great! Thanks for everything! 


Those Pictures make me just cry!!! I really just love them! Such a wonderful evening!


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